Artist roster

The arts and culture team at the City of Waterloo is developing an artist and maker roster. If you're interested in receiving emails about program opportunities, calls to artists, professional development opportunities, and initiatives, please submit your contact information through this form.

The City of Waterloo does not assume responsibility for disseminating information regarding its opportunities to artists and/or their organizations solely through the artist roster.

Artists are encouraged to watch for opportunities on the city's website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Your Web Presence
Your Disciplines
Choose at least one, up to three disciplines. For each discipline, you can also choose a specialization.
Your Skills
Choose up to two skills.
For each skill, you'll be asked to self-assess your skill level using this rubric:
I'm an established professional in my discipline
I'm a mid-career professional or highly skilled hobbyist in my discipline
I'm an emerging professional in my discipline
I'm a skilled and experienced hobbyist in my discipline
Developing artist
I have some experience and continue to develop my skills
I am new to my discipline